Friday, August 11, 2017

More Roses Please

      It takes a lot of energy to produce a flower; but that’s why you planted them, nobody buys a rose to look at the leaves.

     The plant expels even more energy producing seed pods; which isn’t why you planted them, (thou they do add some color in the winter… but hey! it’s not winter yet).

     With the seed pods removed the plant has more energy to devote to why you poured over the plant books and catalogs, went to the store, fought with that nasty woman who also wanted the last “Peace Rose”; shoveled the dirt out of the back of your car because the dumb idiot in the car ahead of you was texting and didn’t see the person ahead of him stopping for the red light that you should have seen in time but you were too busy looking at the store receipt tape wondering why the Peace Rose was so expensive. You then slammed on the brakes, causing the two bags of topsoil to slide over the new sharp and pointy shovel you bought to plant the overpriced Peace Rose, causing the dirt to slide out of the bags and spread all over the back of the van, which by the way…… Oh… sorry, I digressed.
 ……With the seed pods removed the plant has more energy to devote to producing flowers. In fact, removing the spent flowers before they grow into seed pods will devote even more flower producing energy to the stems.

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