Thursday, August 31, 2017

Making a Loathsome Job Less Loathsome

            Everyday could be a weeding day I guess; being that weeds do grow every day.

             Some people love to weed; I personally don’t know any of those people, but I’m sure they are out there, somewhere, I guess.

            I do know that none of them grew up in my household. I don’t ever recall asking my wife on any particular afternoon where the kids were, and have her say; “Oh, the little darlings, they decided to spend their playtime out in the garden weeding today.”

            So I feel very assured knowing that I am writing to people of kindred hearts when I too can say, “BOY I HATE WEEDING!!”

             Armed with an overwhelming distaste for the job I set out to find a way around this toilsome activity, and I believe I have found a much easier way. I call it “Weeding in the Upright Position”; and it involves a sprayer and a bottle of Roundup.

            You see, to pull a weed is a risky proposition Grandma Marge; if you don’t get the whole root, it may grow back. But if you spray it with an herbicide like Roundup you will kill it to the root, and it will never grow back. By spraying them when they are little you stop them from becoming big; and we all know big weeds make more little weeds, which grow into big weeds that produce more little weeds and so on and so on.

            For optimal success of this “Kleen knees and soil-free fingernails” approach to weeding, a stroll through your landscaping should be taken every other week with your trusty little sprayer filled with this amazing herbicidal elixir.

            Oh, and make sure you turn off the sprinkling system for a day. And I wouldn’t do this in the vegetable garden.           

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