Monday, August 24, 2015

Let's Fatten Up the Sprouts

It is time to fatten up the Brussels sprouts.
Brussels sprouts are the last of the garden crops to be harvested, but, if you want anything of size to harvest this fall you should lop off their tops now.
As you may have noticed the Brussels Sprout is a stalk growing plant, with the sprouts growing in the crotch of each leaf level. This stalk will keep gaining height with new leaf levels until the snow stops it. Trouble is, it takes more and more energy to grow this new height. But if you pinch out the top of the stalk now you stop this energy waste and force the plant to send it elsewhere; and elsewhere becomes the existing sprouts already there. These now begin to fatten up; otherwise they would have remained small.
Side note: We have cooked up the tops we’ve pinched off, and they are tasty.

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