Sunday, August 27, 2017

I'ts Sweet Corn Pickin Time!!!

            It’s sweet corn pickin time!!! Well, maybe it was corn pickin time last month if you were one of those daring souls that took a chance and planted the end of March

            Anyway, for the rest of us cautious people, “it’s sweet corn pickin time!!!” And there is nothing like corn from the stalk, to the pot, to the plate!

            Picking it without breaking the stalk takes some finesse; one needs to be skilled in the art of “corn picking”.

            I liken it to one approaching a friend to shake their hand. One reaches for the ear of corn, grasps it firmly with either your right, or left hand, squeezes firmly, but not too hard so as too bruise the kernels. You then draw it in a little……. and unfortunately this is where the pleasantries end.

            From there you pull down, dropping them to their knees; all the while twisting so as to roll them onto their back, and then you rip their hand off.    Hey! I’m sorry! I could think of another analogy that ended well, and still described the process with a successful conclusion.

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