Monday, August 28, 2017

Deck the Lawn With Boughs of Holly

Holly: to most people Christmas comes to mind; to me it’s one more evergreen plant on a very short list of plants that handle some shade. Not deep shade mind you, but it can thrive in an area that only gets maybe three hours of sun.

There are a number of varieties but either Oregon Grape Holly or Blue Princess or Blue Prince are among the most popular.

Oregon Grape Holly sports a lighter green leaf, but its claim to fame are what looks to be grape clusters all throughout the plant.

The Blue Princess and Blue Prince are definitely the most popular with their deep dark greenish blue evergreen leaves and red berries in the late summer and on into the early winter.

            There is a warning on the red berries, they are poisonous. Not keel over dead like eating Hemlock poisonous; more like “hey don’t eat those they’ll make you sick” type poisonous.
But the nice thing about Holly is you don’t have to grow the berries if you don’t want to.
            The reason being is in their names; Blue Princess or Blue Prince. These are not two individual spices of plant; they are of the same genes, one is male and the other is female.
If you never want berries just plant all males. If you have small children that are constantly putting stuff in their mouths now, but you know they’ll grow out of it later, you can plant females now, and introduce the male plant when the kids are older and realize that not everything red is a M&M.
            A word of caution to the “berryless by choice” people. When planting just females make sure the neighbor hasn’t planted a suitor somewhere; they have an effective propagation range of about 400 feet, thanks to the bee.

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