Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Camels of the Landscape

            Thankfully it is raining today, but there are plants that could have kept on going during this dry spell.

            Yuccas may come to mind, but that’s what usually comes to mind when one thinks of dry wasteland conditions; that coupled with circling buzzards and the occasional horn toad licking his lips. But there is another group that can go a long time without water; there are called Sedum.

             Within this group there are many different heights, widths, bloom times, leaf colors and leaf styles. They have the ability to suck up large amounts of water and hold it for long periods of time. They like full sun, and are best planted where it is difficult to reach them with a hose; for too much water will rot their roots.

            Below is a small sampling of what’s out there. If you wish to see more Google Sedum in Google Images.

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