Monday, August 3, 2015

Bug Thermometers

His alarm clock slowly opens his eyes, he notices the sun is shining, he thinks to himself, “it’s going to be a pretty day”. But then he hears "them" and changes his mind.
He makes his way to the kitchen for some breakfast, and he see something else that seals his suspicions earlier; “it’s going to be a scorcher today”.
What did this guy hear and see that gave him such a dismal outlook on the day?
First off the grumpy Gus is an entomologist, the guy knows bugs. What he heard as he cracked his peepers were cicadas; what he knew about them was that they don’t buzz unless it’s at least 80 degrees out there. What he saw as he stumbled into the kitchen were butterflies outside his window, and he knows they don’t fly unless it’s 80 out there as well; and 80 at 6:30 in the morning means it’s going to be a cooker by 10:00.

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