Friday, September 4, 2015

Arms out!

            Have you ever tried standing with your arms straight out from your side and just hold them there for as long as you could; bet you couldn’t last five minutes before they would begin to droop.
Now take a look out your window at the tree in your yard, or that big massive one in the neighbor’s yard; it’s been standing there with its “arms” out from its side for as long as it’s been standing there. The sheer weight alone in some of those branches is sometimes in the tons, yet there they stand; some just as we remembered as a child.
The Hydraulics of a tree branch has yet to be matched by anything man has devised on an architectural scale. We need braces and cantilever supports to just come close to what this tree seems to be doing rather effortlessly; and with kids crawling all over it ta boot.  
But there it is, a “head scratcher” right outside your window.

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