Tuesday, July 4, 2017

You see her flying from cars and vans, from homes and business’, worn on hats, shirts, lapels and sports uniforms. You see them in just about every commercial, gracing most every product, and lining many streets. We are displaying our flag with the highest of pride and the deepest of respect. Our flag, Old Glory
This famous name “Old Glory´ was coined by Captain Stephen Driver, a shipmaster of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1831. As he was leaving on one of his many voyages aboard the brig CHARLES DOGGETT - and this one would climax with the rescue of the mutineers of the BOUNTY - some friends presented him with a beautiful flag of twenty four stars. As the banner opened to the ocean breeze for the first time, he exclaimed "Old Glory!"

Our flag is a symbol of freedom; freedom given to us by the hand of God through the blood of men. Fly Old Glory with all the pride you can muster. And while you are on your knees planting this this year, give thanks to God for the gift of this wonderful land.

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