Thursday, July 20, 2017

What's the big bush that's flowering now?

            They are early this year, like everything in our plant world’s neck of the woods; the Altheas (Rose of Sharon) are in full bloom a few weeks before they normally are.
They are the taller shrubs you are seeing with either the red, white, or blue flowers; pink is also popular. Ya know, a patriotic display can be planted using Altheas. Typically though they don’t flower until around the end of the month; maybe that’s way I never thought of them adding to the 4th’s festivities.
            Altheas are one of the few flower plants that bloom during a time when most have finished their blooming cycle, and the others are beginning to ramp it up. They like full sun and seem to do well in any soil. Where as my Lilacs are needing water about now, my Rose of Sharons are still looking good in spite of the drought.
            I think they would make a very colorful hedge if you had need of one; plus they don’t get overly wide due to spreading by way of the roots like the Lilacs tend to do. Sometimes a 6 foot stockade fence tells the neighbors a different story of your feelings toward them; a “fence” of flowering shrubs accomplishes the same objective without the misunderstanding.

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