Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Time to water the Landscaping

            It is now time to start watering your landscaping.
            Even if you have underground sprinkling the zones that are designated for your landscaping beds may be turned off; manual over-ride is a handy feature and should be engaged at this time.
            If you are relegated to the hose for watering you can set sprinklers within the beds and let them run for about a half hour to forty-five minutes in each location.
            Some landscaping set ups are in narrow beds with bushes in a line; here the best thing is to set the hose on a slow trickle next to each shrub for about twenty minuets each, or string out a soaker hose thus involving more plants.
            This is not going to be an everyday occurrence, your landscaping does not need to be wetted down like a tropical paradise, they only needs a drink now and then during this dry spell.

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