Tuesday, July 25, 2017

OK, This is it, One more time.

            I forgot about those of you out there with high blood pressure, and the blood thinners you may be on, sorry. Would  hate to read in the paper. “Man bleeds out while picking tomatoes in family garden”.

            OK, one more time!

            To start you will need a Coca-Cola can. Next, take it out to your garden and hold it up to your tomato vines; pick only those round object that are the same color (white is not a “color”) as the can.

            If your tomatoes are hard and crunchy it may not be entirely your fault. Coca-Cola is a “parent company “and has other soft drinks under its umbrella, it’s possible that what you brought out into your garden was a Sprite.

             And Hey! I don’t want to hear about sugar problems; drinking it will not aid in the picking. We’re just interested in the can!

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