Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Bucket has a Hole in it...Good

            Seems like the only thing on people’s minds right now as they look out their windows is, “my stuff is drying up out there”.
            You’ve got hoses stretched out all over the place; plants, if they could talk, are screaming at the top of their pistols “Hey! Over here!!!” But you just don’t want to go out there; it’s just to blame hot, you can’t bring yourself to dance across your toasted grass to offer them relief. But you know you have to.
            For those few herbivoreol souls you’ve got out there in the far reaches of the property, might I suggest drywall pails or old buckets of some kind with a 1/8 inch hole drilled in the bottom off to one side.
Set these by the plants in question and fill them up with water; they will slowly drain away but concentrate the water by the “dyeing of thrust” plant. Maybe you’ve got an old leaky bucket you’ve been wanting to throw out; offer it a stay of execution during this time.
            Now you just need to fill the buckets from the hose now and then; and soak yourself down as you retreat back to the house.

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