Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It's "Powder Dry" Under your Sprinker

            It is now time to start doing some “deep watering” on your established landscaping shrubs and trees, especially the Arbs! Even if you have underground sprinkling the cycles are not long enough to be wetting down to their root depths. I have been planting in these “sprinkled” areas and I am finding it powder dry 4 to 5 inches down; and it gets drier the deeper I go.

            To remedy this get out the garden hose (or hoses, depending on how many spigots you have) and turn the water on so it just trickles out the end slowly. Place the end of the hose next to the trunk, or middle of the clump and let it stay there all night; this way water isn’t being wasted by flowing off the reservation into areas that won’t be benefited by a good soaking drink, it will be concentrated around the plants root ball. Move it to the next thirstiest plant all day, and do this day and night thing until all have had their fill.

            If you have any questions feel free to contact me at NiemeyerLandscaping@Gmail.com or post a comment on this Blog

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