Friday, July 21, 2017

Edging Canyons

            Edging the sidewalk…… Oh the memories…….Oh the lessons it taught us……

            As a kid on Hudson Street in Wyoming I remember those neighbors who not only felt the need to edge their sidewalks, but were determined to only edge them once in a life time.

            They’d get out their edging shovels a cut two Erie Canals on either side of the walkway.
This posed a great danger to those of us who were told never to ride our bikes in the street.

            We’d peddle our way down the walk to a friend’s house, always in a big rush of course, and always totally oblivious to magnetism those gullies had on our bicycle tires; and like lemmings to the sea in they’d go, and up over the handle bars we’d go.

            Now you’d think at least fifty percent of the time we’d land in the soft grass; no that was never to be, on to the concrete, yes that was our lot in life; on to the abrasive surface. It was there where we would understand the struggle between soft tissue meeting poured cement. And though we’d cheer for our soft tissue (though some thought we were crying) hoping against hope that it would be victorious, we never did put the band aids on any sidewalk bleeders.

            So, as you contemplate the sidewalk manicure let us consider the wee ones in our neighborhoods. The gas powered or electric edgers do a nice job of cutting away the grass that would want to grow over the walks without creating your own version of the urban Grand Canyons.

            Yes you may need to do it more often but teenage and middle age beachgoers will appreciate your efforts as they stroll down by the water’s edge proudly sporting their unblemished knees.

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