Thursday, October 5, 2017

The "Camels" need watering

            We've had a dry spell!
            I’ve been doing some transplanting of shade-loving grounds covers like Pachysandra and Hosta; two that have rather bulbous root systems.
            They adapt very well to shady areas; and because of the shady tops they are under their roots are in mortal combat with the roots that are supporting these big leafy canopies.  Typically this is no problem for them; they have the ability to suck up water very fast as it is made available to them and store it away in their bulbous roots where they can live off it for a good month.
            Well, these reserves are getting low, even for them. I am starting to see wilting among the “camels of the landscaping”; time to get a sprinkler into theses otherwise unsprinkled areas. Let it run about an hour per coverage area to insure a wetting depth of about five inches. There will be no need to do this often, they are use to going through long periods of dryness; this will just get them over the hump.

             If you have any Arbs it is a good time to bring out the hose and trickle them for a day each as well. You are wanting to wet the ground down deeper here than with ground covers, so let the hose trickle all day on one, then all night on the next until they've all had a good deep soaking drink. Just because they are green now doesn't mean they are not dying. I have seen them "green" and brittle to the touch; and if this happens they are gone.

            Now, if you see me telling you to get a hose under your Yucca plant, then we are in big trouble.

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