Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Watering Hanging Baskets

             Hanging baskets, Planters, decorative pots; they dry out fast during the heat waves we’ve been experiencing, and I’m sure you are watering them a lot.
            The care of these is simple, you water them, you feed them, you make sure they are where they can get enough sun light if they are sun lovers, or you put them in places where they won’t bake if they are shade preferred.
            The watering and feeding part is what I would like to address.
            These man created little bits of horticultural heaven are that way because of the care you give them. Neglected for just a couple days and you’ve got a… well let’s just say the neighbors will never be asking you to water their plants while away.  
            Watering of course is critical, and feeding if you want blooms in abundance. But over feeding can be just as deadly in time as no water; and I’m not talking about mixing too much fertilizer in the watering can. I am talking about those that fertilize every time they water.
            These container situations start to hold and retain all the compounds in your fertilizer. This is good for a while, but then they start to over saturate, especially the salts, and become toxic. A good rule of thumb is to mix fertilizer into you watering can every third watering, and every other week water your planters or hanging baskets until they run, then do it again to flush out some of the concentrates that are building up.
            And also, let them dry out a little from time to time; the roots need to breath, these planters don’t need to be wet all the time.

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