Thursday, June 18, 2015

Strengthening your Rhododendron

                The Rhododendron flowers have dropped the last of their last pedals, and that means what was once beautiful flowers are now growing into energy sucking seed factories. This would be fine if the plant was growing wild in Nepal, or somewhere in the Smoky Mountains. But it’s not, it’s outside your window, and you don’t wish for it to propagate. Plus you’ve noticed it’s looking not at as spunky as it once did.
            A maintenance tip for you: Redirect the energy this plant had set aside for seed development back into the plant’s twig and leaf production. You can do this by removing the spent flower cluster now, before is starts its seed growth switch over.
            To do this you simply pinch and snap off the spiderleggy spent flower cluster at its base where it connects to the stem. Be careful not to remove too deeply into the stem; you run the risk of removing the buds that will produce the next set of leaves.
            In doing this you take away an unnecessary energy drain on the plant, redirecting this extra shot of life back into the stems and leaves, and, over all quality of the bush. The video below should visually explain this better.

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