Thursday, July 2, 2015

Spring bulbs without the Summer Mess

            Spring bulbs may seem rather hopeless, either you have an unsightly mess right in the middle of the summer, or you can't grow them for lack of sun. Let me tell you what has worked for me. It's called double potting.
            You will first need some 2 or 3-gallon plastic shrub containers, all the same kind and size. To tell you how many you will need would be best explained in how the double potting is done.

            You then take one of the pots and bury it up to its rim in the location you wish to show off your spring bulbs. Put about an inch of potting soil in the bottom of this pot.

            Take a second pot and bury it somewhere out back, up to its rim, in a place that is not highly visible, but sunny. Put about an inch of potting soil in the bottom of this pot as well.

            Take the third pot and fill it with potting soil and plant whatever kind of spring bulb you would like, also mix in a little bone meal. Place this pot into the receiver pot that you buried where you would like the spring bulbs to be visible in the spring.

            The fourth pot is to be filled with potting soil and placed in the receiver pot you buried out back.

            Establishing these four pots per planting sight is the hardest part of this whole process; but from here on in, it is just a matter of switching pots back and forth.

            If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at or post a comment on this Blog

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