Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spirea Whackdown

            The Spirea is one of the few landscape plants that can be rejuvenated by cutting it all the way down to the ground.

            In time a Spirea can get woody and sparse. Branches die, or just get to old to produce much in the way of flowers, or leaves for that matter. Regular pruning just doesn’t cut it anymore; there just isn’t enough at the tips to produce a lush bush. So, more drastic measures need to be employed.

            It’s quite simple; you just whack it down to the ground and start over.

            You must realize at this point you now have a new bush with new growth coming up; it’s not going to be thick and full right off the bat, you will have to train it back to its former glory.

            Let this new growth grow up about a foot and then remove about three inches. This will halt the forward growth and cause the plant to push out side growth. Let this new growth get about six inches long and prune off about two inches. Let this new growth get about six inches in length and prune that back a couple inches. Now, in about four to five months since the whack down, you should have your Spirea back, younger and full of new wood ready to produce a gob of flowers again.  

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