Friday, July 17, 2015

Pool Discharge Water

Pools are in full swing; and with temperatures heading back into the high 90’s this week they are going to draw people and like ants to a wet sucker. I would like to bring to your attention the discharge water they throw to keep themselves clean.

            Every so often the filters need to be back washed so their effectiveness remains high. This water needs to be pumped somewhere, and most times it is allowed to run out where it is convenient; and this possibly is right into a landscaped area.

            At first you may think that everything is just getting an extra drink; but an extra drink of what? Yes it is water but water with high doses of chlorine or salt in it, plant killing chlorine or salt.

            “Oh, so that’s why everything died over there”

            Getting rid of the discharge water can be a bit of a trick, and does involve some planning. Usually getting it to flow into your sewer isn’t practical due to distance, so other alteratives need to be considered. However you do it, just know that if your plants are in the line of fire they will die. Better to create a decretive stone area for it to flow into, or a hidden place it can be piped to. Or if there is no other place some of your plants may have to give up their lives for your fun and frolic; and with the heat that is coming again I believe that will be a fair trade off.

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