Monday, May 29, 2017

Pass the Elephant Please

            I would like to warn you about the numbers on the fertilizer bag.

            You might be out working in the yard today, digging around some things, giving them the “once over” and you run across that bush or plant that looks a little peaked. You think to yourself “I’ve got some 12-12-12 fertilizer in the garage, I’ll give it a little shot of that; it’ll perk it right up”. So you do, and in a few days it’s dead; what happened?
            I’ll bet if you went and looked at the fertilizer bag you will see that it was 12-12-12 lawn food. And you say “so”?

            Spreading a hand full of 12-12-12 lawn food under a shrub or around the posies instead of 12-12-12 shrub or flower food is like someone tying you to the dinner table and forcing a whole elephant down your throat. Yes the numbers are the same, but the amount, and the way it is distributed is way different.
            The garden fertilizers are meant to be hand broad casted; whereas the lawn foods are run through a spreader. And if you look at the spacing between the two applications you will see that the lawn food bits are about 2 to 3 inches apart, and the hand chucked fertilizer is almost on top of each other. The numbers on the bag reflect strength of the product, but its "strength" as it pertains to how it is applied.

            So, be careful when buying or grabbing a bag of what you think is the right fertilizer for your landscaping plants. It may say 12-12-12 or 20-20-20, but look closely at the info on the bag, does it say Lawn Food; does it give you spreader dial numbers? If so, remember the big elephant on your table with the apple in its mouth, and some little troll with a shovel, and you with your mouth propped open.

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