Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maple Leaves All Over the Yard

                There back again. You see that they’re back because of all the Maple leaves on the lawn. On closer examination you notice that there is very little stem left on the leaves, just a nub in fact; and it looks to have been chewed off.
            It’s the work of the Maple Petiole Borer, and like the old Aunt your mom made you come along to visit, it was a ritual, it was harmless, and didn’t take up too much of your day.
            There isn’t too much more to say about these little pests. No need to call anybody, no don’t need to panic and cloud your yard or neighborhood with chemicals or dust. They come, they munch, they leave.
            They don’t seem to defoliate concentrated areas of the tree; they kind of spread out and evenly disperse themselves throughout the tree. It’s almost like they are doing a service to the tree, like in the June apple drop. No way can the apple tree sustain all the apples from start to finish; so the tree lets some go. Maybe this little bug is doing the same thing for the Maple? But then maybe it just likes to see you jump around and get mad at all the leaves you’ve got to rake up.

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