Monday, August 14, 2017

Making good use of your Grass Clippings

              How can you keep your garden veggies from drying out? The answer just might be shooting out the discharge shoot of your lawn mower.
            I don’t want you to guess at what I’m going to say and just run out and cut the lawn and bury your vegetable plants in grass clippings; please read the rest of the Blog.
            Spread them out in the rows for a day or two and then put them around the plants; fresh green clippings will mat down and possibly get slimy, making it difficult for water to penetrate. Drying them a little will keep this from happening.
            But before you spread them under your plants, put down a little blood meal or some nitrogen fertilizer (be careful spreading nitrogen, you run the risk of putting down way too much, best to stick with the blood meal).
When plant debris is breaking down it locks up the nitrogen and keeps it from the plants. The presents of the added nitrogen in the blood meal will keep this from happening and therefore making sure a steady supply of nitrogen is always available to the plants.
            Grass clipping will also keep the weeds from coming up.
            Now you can go cut the grass.

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