Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lighting Bugs are back

            There is, in my estimation, no greater marvel on this planet than the Firefly; a bug that produces light without burning up.

            Remove the glass from a light bulb and turn it on. The flash is momentary but you will get the idea that it is very hot; that’s how we produce light. The Lighting bug produces light without heat; something we have only dreamed of since man first burned his fingers changing a spent light bulb.

            Cold light; the closest we come to that phenomenon is the LED light; this little insect produces it without realizing the wonder of it all.

             Only the males fly; the females are ground bound and are referred to as Glow Worms. They blink at each other to attract a mate. She watches, he watches, she see a good bright handsome light, she flashes back, he comes in for a landing; pretty soon they’re both sharing a cigarette.

            I remember one night about 8 - 9 years ago my daughter Chelsea and I were in the backyard watching a fire fly display we both have not seen since. It was slightly foggy, just a hint of mist in the nighttime air, and out over the farm’s fields around us were thousands of twinkling lights. We just stood there watching that magical moment.

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