Monday, June 29, 2015

Klingons in my Tomato Patch

            The best thing you can do for your tomato plants is to remove that little stem that is growing in the crotch of all the branches of your plant.
            They are called suckers and they take away some of the energy that would have normally coursed into the two stems they are nestled between. Yes, if left alone they would have made your plant big and bushy, but that’s all you would have had, big & bushy, lots of leaves and a few tomatoes. By removing them you allow more nutrients to built stronger stems, which in turn can produce, and hold up, more tomatoes.
There is just so much juice to go around, and the plant knows this. It doesn’t know you want more tomatoes; it just knows it needs to procreate, and if it can grow a couple tomatoes here and there within its foliage it feels it has done its job.
            You however can push the fruit production by getting rid of some of the unnecessaries. And with the Klingons gone that sap can go elsewhere; so it puts it into tomato productions. It’s happy! You’re happy! Everybody’s happy!!

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