Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

       A young father’s love sparked you into existence; the Father’s love knew us both since the dawn of time.
       The young father loved you as you came from the one he loved; yet was torn between this new life and the welling emotions of what his beloved had just given him.
 Kneeling by your crib…… to see you was to feel the weight of what this gift would require. To look into your eyes made him pray “Father help me be what this one needs to see”.
       He studies your face. Your ears are so soft and small “Oh let them hear your voice; let them be in tuned to your Spirit”. Your nose, may it never look down on someone, may it always be aware of the sweet fragrance of life. Those little lips; let them be used in praise, let them be the outlet of a thankful heart.
       My little one, your shoulders will bear the burdens of life, but only until you give them to Him. Those little arms, may they be strong in lifting the burdens of others. Your hands, may they always be out stretched in friendship, may they be quick to reach down to help, and raised up to heaven in praise.
       Your tiny little fingers….. the left hand fingers….. your small little ring finger…… “Father, watch over the one you have picked out for my child; bless the parents of this child, give them your wisdom.”
       Your kicking little feet, already wanting to run; “let them bring the good news to the mountains you will call them to”.
       As I raise my head; a tiny hand grasps my finger, and so continues the cry of my heart, “Help me lead this one down the path you have designed for this child”.

       The task was huge in his mind; even greater when all alone with this miraculous gift. But promised grace oozes from the crushing weight of the life press called Responsibility. It makes its way to the willing heart where it germinates the seeds of understood weakness…….. he then falls to his knees and says “Father if you don’t raise this child through me it’s not going to turn out well.”

…… And hand in Hand the journey begins.

                                                                Happy Father's Day

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