Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drawf Alberta Spruce Brown out

Dwarf Alberta Spruce, one of the most common shrubs used in those small areas to the left and right of the over head garage door. Why? Because they can be kept small; for the key word in its title is “dwarf”.
But they do have one nemesis, the Red Spider Mite.
This little red pin pricked sized arachnid's job is to suck the life sap out of your ornamental bush; and if the numbers are high enough, can do it so very quickly, causing one side brown out in a big area.
To test to see if you have a Spider Mite problem take a sheet of white copy paper and hold it under the branches of an area on the shrub that is beginning to turn lighter green. Tap the branches above the paper, and if they are there you will see little red specks scurrying around.
The chemical insecticide Malathion will get them, but the best insecticide to deal with these eight legged marauders of mayhem, is the pet and family friendly Insecticidal Soap products; you can find them in the bug killer aisle at any garden department or center.
                Spray where they’ve been and where they have not been yet on the infected spruce. If you have one close by, spray that one too.
                Good preventive maintenance from time to time is a good high pressure soak down from the garden hose.  But hey I’m not going to believe for a second that your life is so boring that one of the highlights of your month is going to be the day up get to spray your shrubbery. If it is, well, you need to get a life my friend.

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