Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Boy it's dry out there!

     It is dry out there; it hasn’t rained in a while. Watering of the lawn has been done in most cases, but I wonder if the landscaping areas are being touched.
                One reason for wondering is that when new sprinkling systems are put in it is recommended, and rightly so, that the landscaping areas be on separate zones from the lawn.  Once the new shrubs and plants are established, usually in one or two years, these zones can be turned off; established shrubby cannot take the water amounts grass can.
                But, here we are in the middle of a micro drought; time to manually turn on these zones and put them back into the rotation for a couple days.
                Another reason why I think the landscaping area might be drying out is that you or I may have never seen the folks water the landscaping while we were growing up. This isn’t wrong, it just wasn’t done, and in close to 100% of the time not necessary. Landscaping varieties and genetic have greatly changed the landscaping layouts of today. Dwarfing the plants of yesteryear have made their root systems smaller and not as deep as the plant choices of our youth; and shallower roots are more susceptible to dry spells.  If it’s never questioned or challenged some things we grow up with become just as set in stone in our minds as those things verbally taught us at our parents feet.

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