Friday, April 28, 2017

Hey! I'm walkin here!!

            You’re out for a stroll, it’s a warm Spring evening, you look down and there you see a bumble bee walking along the ground. “Oh, the poor thing” you say to yourself, “it must be sick”, so you step on it, thinking you are putting it out of it’s misery.

            Back up a few hours:

            Benny the bumblebee, (or Beatrice), is getting ready for his day, He loads up on what he thinks is enough nectar to get him from where he is, to where he needs to go for pollen, and back again.
            Benny runs into a head wind he didn’t anticipate, Benny runs out of juice and makes for the ground, where he happens to cross your path and becomes a little wet spot in the dirt under your well meaning shoe.
            Benny was just walking home; he was fine, he just ran out of gas is all. What he was hoping for was a Skunk Cabbage plant to crawl into for a while, or maybe for the night.
            Within this plant are two things for him; a constant 72 degree environment, and a pool of high energy nectar. He could have rested through out the night without freezing, and the nectar would have fueled him up for the rest of the flight home.

            But no, he found himself under your shoe……

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