Sunday, May 14, 2017


Mothers could never really tell you how much they love you, your capacity to understand at that level is way too limited; only Mothers can harbor and generate that much love.
Only a Mother can let you go and still hold you tightly in her heart until her last breath.

They know your flaws, they know your shortcomings; they know your successes, they know your strengthens. Sometimes we bring forth in them tears of compassion with knees bowed toward Heaven; other times we bring out the cheerleader in them like none other.
It is said they have eye in the back of their heads, but these could never match the sensitivity of the "eyes of their heart"

Nobody prays for you like a Mom; nobody takes it on the chin for you like a Mom. Nobody aches to hold you like a Mom. Mothers are a once in a lifetime, “as-close-as-we’re-going-to-get-here-on-Earth”, embodiment of God’s love and compassion.
Give her a big hug today and thank her for who she is and who she was in your life. If she is no longer here, and all you have are the memories, tell God you are so thankful for the wonderful gift He gave you in her.

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