Thursday, April 27, 2017

Barking the neighbors won't mind

            A lot of people have put bark mulch down already; but for you who have not here are some tips for you.
            If you have an established base from previous years you can apply a light 2 inch covering. If what you have is covering up the essentials as well as some who frequent the beach then 3 to4 inches is recommended.
            Why so deep you may ask? Two things happen at this depth: a smothering effect for seeds beneath; and an environment so dry above, the seeds can’t gain a foot hold. Better the depth, better the weed control.
             If you are installing edging before you bark, fill the edging trench with the bark instead of filling in part way with soil.

            When figuring how many yards of  bark you will need: 

                                    2” depth)     Length x Width divided by 160
                                    3” depth)     Length x Width divided by 100
                                    4” depth)     Length x Width divided by  80

            Example: You want 4 inches of bark an area that is 37 feet long and 5 feet wide:

                                                37 x 5 = 185 divided by 80 = 2.31 yards

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