Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jesus the Rose of Sharron

Jesus is referred to as the “Rose of Sharron” in the parallel verse of Song of Songs 2:1; and I always thought the flower they were speaking of was the Altheas we see in July; a bush in the Hibiscus family. But it is not.
Sharron is a real place in Israel. It was a plain, a level tract extending from the Mediterranean to the hill country to the west of Jerusalem, about 30 miles long and from 8 to 15 miles wide; and it was noted for its beauty and fertility.
A rose is considered by all as the perfect flower.
So, instead of “Jesus is like the Althea in my side yard”; the verse is telling me that he is “Perfection that resides in beauty and fertility”. Which is interesting because that is what He produces in the hearts of those who trust Him?
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