Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Iris! They're up all over the place

            With species numbering well over 300, and color variations that rival its namesake the “Rainbow Goddess”, it is no wonder why this perennial has gazillions of societies and clubs.

             To some of you “Grampa and Grandma’s house” comes to mind when you hear the name Iris; yes, they have been around a long time. Others only know of Bearded Iris or Siberian when the name Iris comes up in conversation; you may have been shocked to read the opening paragraph, “over 300 species”!  To a few of you a favorite Aunt comes to mind; a beautiful person – a beautiful flower – a beautiful name.

             The Iris is at home in many planting situations. Some need full sun while others do better in a slightly shaded area.  A few like it bone dry while others like the water ankle deep.

Their height can be just as varied. You’ve got Iris that stand over 6 feet tall, making them a wonderful back drop for a host of shrubs and plants. All the way down to plants a couple inches tall, just perfect for rock gardens and small ponds situations.

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