Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Humming along

Hey! The Hummingbirds are just about back! I put them just about at the Michigan boarder. First one to get their feeders out wins!!  And what do they win Johnny? Well let me tell you; they win a summer of simple enjoyment as they watch one of God’s truly marvelous flying machines flit from feeder to feeder. Yes “feeders”, the more you put out the more birds you’ll attract.

            Remember also that the “water to sugar” ration is 4 to 1. They will know if you’re being stingy with the sweet stuff; and if you are they will pass you by.

            Let me put this in perspective for you. A Ruby Throat hummingbird must consume 3 to 4 grams of food a day in order to maintain flight and life; and not just any food, it must be high octane fuel food, no fluff stuff. That means if you were this bird, at your size now, you would have to consume 300 pounds of food per day to do what this little bird needs to do all day. That my friend is a lot of grub. That’s 300 quarter pounders at McDonald’s, bun and all.

             So, don’t skimp on the sugar!

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