Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Saturday!!!

It is a beautiful day out there and the sky’s the limit as to what you could do. You could till up the garden; even plant some stuff. Spray weed killer; remember Roundup kills everything, and Weed-b-Gone just kills the broadleaf weeds only. You could prune out the old wood and bring back into shape the flowering shrubs that are done flowering.
This is a good time to do this on account of a flowering “whatever” plant typically needs three months of active leaf growth in order to set next year’s flower buds; by pruning it now the plant will have more than enough time to set these buds.
Now, when I say “old wood” I’m not just talking about the dead branches, but also the old barky stuff that is hard pressed to produce a respectable amount of flowers. On a Lilac for instance the smooth trunks and branches are the young flower baring wood; the rough barked branches don’t have the same flower production abilities. Cut out all the old and trim up the new to balance out the over all look of tree or bush.
            Have a great day!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weeding the weeds

            With all the rain came the weeds!
            What is a weed? "A weed is a plant not belonging in its present location."
            Does this mean that if you are growing Dandelions and a Rose pops upon the middle of them, the Rose a weed?  Roses are exempt from this rule. But, if a Carnation or a Black-eyed- Susan, or some other perennial rears up and says “look at me”, it’s a weed; but pulling it is up to you.
            Back to the weeds. You have two options: pulling or spraying. Pulling is back breaking work, and takes a while, but you do feel like you’ve accomplished something, the weeds are gone.  But are they…………?
            Spraying Weed-b-gon or Roundup will kill them root and all; but in order to know if they all parished you will need a week. 
            I still think the spraying route is still the best, for it kills the plant root and all; if you pull the weed and leave some of the root in the ground it will come back.

            Just remember Roundup kills everything in the plant world. Weed-b-gon will not kill grass or grasses, just broad leaf weeds.

            So, if you want to win the war on weeds keep a spray bottle of Roundup handy and spray the weds you see, don’t pull them.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Maximum Flowering Time:

            At this time, during this week, there will be more flowering trees in bloom than at any other time this year. All the crabs are in bloom, red, pink and white; Dogwoods, white and pink are up and running, as are the sand cherries and plums. At no other time will there be more flowering things out there than right now.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Skunk Cabbage and the Bumble Bee

            Hpoefully neet week you'll out for a stroll, it’s a warm spring evening, you look down and there you see a bumble bee walking along the ground. “Oh, the poor thing” you say to yourself, “it must be sick”, so you step on it, thinking you are putting it out of its misery.

            Back up a few hours:

            You’re fat and your little wings aerodynamically are not physically designed to give you the lift your bulbous body requires; but you can indeed fly.

            Benny the bumblebee, (or Beatrice), is getting ready to take on the day. He pops into the hive’s watering hole for some high energy bug juice, loading up on what he thinks is enough nectar to get him from where he is, to where he needs to go for pollen, and back again.

            But he runs into a head wind he didn’t anticipate, and Benny runs out of rocket fuel and makes for the deck, where he happens to cross your path and becomes a little wet spot in the dirt under your well meaning shoe.
            Benny was just walking home; he was fine, he just ran out of gas is all. What he was hoping for was a Skunk Cabbage plant to crawl into for a while, or maybe for the night.

            An interesting plant this Skunk Cabbage, it is located in wet areas where most of the very early flowering spring plants reside.
            Within this plant are two things for a tuckered out bee; a constant 72 degree environment, and a pool of high energy nectar. He could have rested throughout the night without freezing, and the nectar would have fueled him up for the rest of the flight home.

            But no, he found himself under your shoe……


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crab Grass Killer Applying Time:

            It is time to buy the Crabicide, and it is getting close to the time to putting it down; I would say this weekend.

            Crabicides do not kill crabgrass plants, in fact you will not see a crabgrass plant out there, they have all died throughout the winter. You may see skeletons of last year’s dead ones, but you will not see any live plants right now.

            “Well then, what’s the fuss about” you may be asking yourself? It’s the seeds. What you allowed to live last year produced seeds.

            Maybe you were diligent in seeing that none of the seeds of the previous year germinated, but your neighbor was a little less astute about the blight that can ravage a lawn. His seeds can, and will, find their way onto your horticultural carpet. This is where the Crabicides come in, they kill the seed at the moment of germination; no germination no little crabgrass plants, no crabgrass plants no choking death to the rest of your lawn.

            If you can’t get to it this weekend keep an eye on the Forsythia bushes, once they flower it is generally too late. If the temperature was warm enough to pop the forsythia buds it was warm enough to crack open the hard shell of a crabgrass seed; and once that little seedling pokes its head out to look around no amount of crabicide will do it in.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Winter Burn:

            You might be noticing a lot of brown leaves and needles on your shrubs; some more on one side than the other. What you are witnessing is Winter Burn.

            Not sure why they choose the word “burn”; maybe it was easier to comprehend than “Winter Transpiration”.

            What has happened, and is happening at the moment, is the plant’s stems and branches are asking for water, but the roots are still frozen. If you need a visual aid put a straw in a glass of water and put both in the freezer for a couple hours; take them out and try and suck out the water.

           Unfortunately, there is very little you can do now; the late fall was your window of opportunity. You can try trickling water at the base of the plant in hopes of thawing some of the ground around the roots, but it will not bring color back into what has already turned brown. But, I would not prune out the brown stuff just yet; some of the border line leaves might come back; some of the stems might sprout new leaves. So I would wait until around June; if it’s going to happen it will be by then, after that you can prune out the dead.

            This coming fall give all your evergreens a good long drink before you put the hoses away, it will help them during times like this. or post a comment on this Blog. And like us on Facebook at Niemeyer Landscaping. For more Landscape and garden info and pictures on the subject check us out at

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Resurrection Sunday!!

What an amazing Savior we have!

He had the power to cancel the whole thing, or at the very least greatly diminish His pain and suffering.

* Just a couple of comments to Pilot’s questions would have had Him released; Pilot was already desperately looking for a reason to let Him go. Herod just needed to see a little miracle.

* He could have greatly reduced the pain and agony inflicted by the Roman scourges and mockers by removing the demonic influence that had taken them over at that moment; He had done so for others so many times in the past, two thousand were sent into pigs just a few months ago.

* He could have endowed Himself with the same strength He gave Samson when he carried the city gates on his shoulders to the top of a hill; but He choose to stumble and fall under the weight of our cross.

* He could have taken the wine mixed with gall to deaden the pain; or at the very least changed it into something that tasted better; He had done that with water at a wedding just three years prior.

*He could have stopped His terrible bleeding with a word; just a touch of His robe stopped a life time of bleeding just a week ago.

*The ground could have opened up and swallowed those standing around the cross jeering and mocking like in the days of Cora, Dathan and Abirum; but He let it happen  a ways away only to let some who had died, resurrect and pave the way for a great revival fifty three days from then.

* He could have asked the Father to speak to the crowd and say to them the same thing He said when He was baptized. He could have summoned the same host of angels to give His death the same glorious end as they did in announcing His glorious birth.

* Like the song says; “He could have called ten thousand angles to destroy the world and set Him free; but He died alone for you and me”.

Blessings to you on this glorious Easter Sunday; a day that speaks “Well done my Son, Arise!”


            The Niemeyer’s