Saturday, June 24, 2017

Double Potting

            The Spring bulb flowers are done; the bloom is off the stem. But you can’t go and cut them down because the leaves need to absorb a bunch of sunlight before they shrivel up on their own; so they sit there becoming an unsightly mess until the middle of the summer. Or maybe you can't grow them at all for lack of sun, but you’d like too. Let me tell you what has worked for me. It's called double potting.

            You will first need some 3-gallon plastic shrub containers, all the same kind and size. To tell you how many you will need would be best explained in how the double potting is done.

            You then take one of the pots and bury it up to its rim in the location you wish to show off your spring bulbs. Put about an inch of potting soil in the bottom of this pot.

            Take a second pot and bury it somewhere out back, up to its rim, in a place that is not highly visible, but sunny. Put about an inch of potting soil in the bottom of this pot as well.

            Take the third pot and fill it with potting soil and plant whatever kind of spring bulb you would like, also mix in a little bone meal. Place this pot into the receiver pot that you buried where you would like the spring bulbs to be visible in the spring.

            The fourth pot is to be filled with potting soil to be available for annuals when that time comes and placed in the receiver pot you buried out back.

            Establishing these four pots per planting sight is the hardest part of this whole process; but from here on in, it is just a matter of switching pots back and forth.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Goose Grease on My Beach

            With more and more subdivisions being built around ponds and lakes. Geese have become a real nuisance. It is said that they "do their business" every 7 minutes; and if they are on your beach for even 20 minutes, that's........ well more than 3 because they travel in flocks.
            Some folks have strung kite string to keep them from coming onto the beach and yard and they tell me it works. Recently wildlife specialist at Cornell University has found that geese and other fowling fowl don't like grape-like food flavoring. The compound, methyl anthranilate, is a natural substance found in orange blossoms, jasmine and concord grapes. It's used in saccharin and as the grape flavoring in some chewing gums. Spraying the lawn with sugar-free grape flavored Kool-Aid should keep these gaggles of geese from greasing up your beach.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Something is eating my Cabbage

            Those of you growing any of the “Cole” crops in your gardens (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts) might be wondering why all the interest in your garden at this time by all those white butterflies?

            The clue to their activity is in their name, Cabbage Butterfly; and they could have been better named the Coleslaw Butterfly for they love all the stuff that goes in it.

            What you are seeing are the females; what they are doing is laying a single egg on your vegetable plant each time they land, and they do it very quickly.

            This little bugger quickly hatches into a caterpillar with a horrendous appetite. He and his many brothers, sisters, and cousins begin to devourer your salad bowl.

            You have two choices of eradication, chemical or organic; but in my estimation you have only one, organic. I say this not only because it is one less pesticide you will be consuming, but because it works better than the chemical alternative. It is labeled as BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) and it kills cabbage butterfly caterpillars.

            Typically it comes in a liquid concentrate and you mix it up in a sprayer. Hopefully the day you see the infestation, and do something about it, the weather will be dry and rain free for a few days. Make sure you spray tops and bottoms of the leaves just in case it does rain to stretch out its effectiveness.

            Unlike the chemical pesticide that attacks the nervous system, BTs go after the digestive system. This is key, for all nervous systems are electrical and similar whether you are bug, animal, or human.  However the digestion process in insects is totally different to us; BTs are tailored to the destruction of the bug’s gut not ours.

            This unfortunately will not be a onetime spray, but then neither would the chemical. I have also found that telling the kids that I will give them a nickel for every cabbage butterfly carcass they lay at my feet greatly thins out the herd. But tell them though that both sets of wings need to be accounted for, no cash for just one set.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Drunk Hummingbirds

We’ll be sitting on our deck with friends and they will invariably comment on the number of hummingbirds that come to visit the feeders we have out. Some will inquire as to what they need to do to get started attracting a flock of their own; some tell of their own success in getting these little flying marvels to come visit their feeding stations. But then there are those that say “ we set out a feeder this spring, some came, but then they all must have flown north or something; haven’t seen a bird yet”.

I’ll look at my wife, and she at me, and I’ll ask; “when did you change the feeder water last?” They’ll look at us with a puzzled look on their face, “what you mean?” And that’s when we explain the way moonshine is made.

Hummingbirds need fresh, one part sugar/four parts water, nectar in the feeder. That means during normal summer temperatures you are changing it once every five to six days. But, during heat waves we’ve been doing it every three to four days.

Changing out the sugar water also means cleaning the feeders too; your feeder can become a Petri dish of death if you don’t.

So, if you want patrons to your culinary oasis keep your feeders fresh. Hummers are tea-totalers, not “bar-flies.”

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lighting Bugs are back

            There is, in my estimation, no greater marvel on this planet than the Firefly; a bug that produces light without burning up.

            Remove the glass from a light bulb and turn it on. The flash is momentary but you will get the idea that it is very hot; that’s how we produce light. The Lighting bug produces light without heat; something we have only dreamed of since man first burned his fingers changing a spent 100 watt light bulb.

            Cold light; the closest we come to that phenomenon is the LED light; this little insect produces it without realizing the wonder of it all.

            Only the males fly; the females are ground bound and are referred to as Glow Worms. They blink at each other to attract a mate. She watches, he watches, she see a good bright handsome light, she flashes back, he comes in for a landing; pretty soon they’re both sharing a cigarette.

            I have notice that when they light they fly up a foot and then settle back down; flying as if they were the line on a heart monitor. I don’t know why they do this, just something I noticed one day.

            In researching them there is not much out there on what they actually do, why they are here; their lighting ability eclipses any function they may have. So I’m believing they were created just for our enjoyment.

            I remember one night about 7 - 8 years ago my daughter Chelsea and I were in the backyard watching a fire fly display we both have not seen since. It was slightly foggy, just a hint of mist in the nighttime air, and out over the farmer’s fields around us were thousands of twinkling lights. We just stood there together watching that magical moment in awe and wonder.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Planting Trees by the House

            I run across this a lot, a tree growing too close to the house.

            Spring time is planting time; and planting time is when the planted thing is as small as it’s going to be when coming to live at your place.
            We lose a little perspective when we set this little whip, or 1” diameter trunked tree in the location in which we want it. We set it down, take a few steps back, look it over, then walk back and move it a couple feet closer to the house.
            The truth is you should have moved it a couple feet farther from the house.
            Please read the tag that hangs from the little tree you are putting into your “two door spec” car; it will someday produce enough lumber to house 20 of your little roadsters.
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

       A young father’s love sparked you into existence; the Father’s love knew us both since the dawn of time.
       The young father loved you as you came from the one he loved; yet was torn between this new life and the welling emotions of what his beloved had just given him.
 Kneeling by your crib…… to see you was to feel the weight of what this gift would require. To look into your eyes made him pray “Father help me be what this one needs to see”.
       He studies your face. Your ears are so soft and small “Oh let them hear your voice; let them be in tuned to your Spirit”. Your nose, may it never look down on someone, may it always be aware of the sweet fragrance of life. Those little lips; let them be used in praise, let them be the outlet of a thankful heart.
       My little one, your shoulders will bear the burdens of life, but only until you give them to Him. Those little arms, may they be strong in lifting the burdens of others. Your hands, may they always be out stretched in friendship, may they be quick to reach down to help, and raised up to heaven in praise.
       Your tiny little fingers….. the left hand fingers….. your small little ring finger…… “Father, watch over the one you have picked out for my child; bless the parents of this child, give them your wisdom.”
       Your kicking little feet, already wanting to run; “let them bring the good news to the mountains you will call them to”.
       As I raise my head; a tiny hand grasps my finger, and so continues the cry of my heart, “Help me lead this one down the path you have designed for this child”.

       The task was huge in his mind; even greater when all alone with this miraculous gift. But promised grace oozes from the crushing weight of the life press called Responsibility. It makes its way to the willing heart where it germinates the seeds of understood weakness…….. he then falls to his knees and says “Father if you don’t raise this child through me it’s not going to turn out well.”

…… And hand in Hand the journey begins.

                                                                Happy Father's Day